Abaya - Hijaab


Saudi Arabia, They almost never stop to ask whether women were required to wear the Abaya (Known as the burqa), my answer is, proud, yes. Faces? Yes Although the mantle is something cultural, and results from The demands of the Islamic dress code: a single, modest, and reports. Almost all neighboring Muslim countries have some form of Abaya that women wear. From Iran to Egypt, and long coat A burqa, color and taste of the carrier with Culture; veil in the eyes of the points colored alleys Afghanistan, With discounts designed for coats, purple, blue, green, stark Decorate the streets in Jordan. Saudi Arabia to sign happens to be Black, black abaya. It's just a loose interpretation of Modest, covering reports.Black Robe is a kind of homogeneous and that the preaching in the The virtues of a uniform in the community.


Women, regardless of Class, race or religion, and request the public to conduct the Cloak. Shopping malls and other public areas completely free of scarce Burger dressed (men are required to dress modestly and well), Make sure that the integrity of the community. In the work place, women An equal footing with men as it is to work and the contributions and judge Their appearance and wearing no clothes. Mantle also deter debate And a veil. In other words, grain, both in public and private sector Worlds of Saudi citizens are separate and very clear. Because each of the Our thoughts on what is acceptable behavior varies, and includes bathrobe Everyone in the homogeneity of the components indicate that we are To the community. It is our responsibility to society is the work of our Self-control and respect for others with whom we share our space With. What has been done in the private sector is your choice, choose the activity,Behavior and clothing, everything will attract Similar crowds, without encroaching on the sensibilities of your neighbors. He Will it work with school uniforms. Uniform is there to protect Everyone, at one place can not be bothered with the academic Small differences in clothing and their individual behavior. Of course, if someone puts great emphasis on my appearance, and Cloak appears obligation prostitute. Black? A long time? Loose? How Fashion designer creative to live? Having witnessed a large number of shops and even Abaya Choice of methods to implement these shops, and few would argue that the Kingdom Women robbed of skill. Select cape is almost yness In Saudi Arabia, the black and white ... Literally. Case amazing, honest, no two the same. By The importance of this garment, and buy a coat, make it dangerous. And hours browsing among the blacks, and looking for a dress That is to half skin. At the end, women are happy Much bigger than the problem: different outfits for everyday life.  Robe, thrown More than anything, and allow easy access to Oonicp Feminine fashion.Yes, I miss the cape. Have freedom "to dress in a way Like many not free to think. Graduation will A conscious effort, my dress should be planned to look stylish, A beautiful and modest. There is a long, loose, and I am a stylish coat Can carelessly thrown on me, for the effort of trust, which Anonymity comfortable. I must agree with the community, and thus in Saudi Arabia should be consistent with that community. Alone, and this time it is a much More colors.

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